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07-Jul-2017 17:42

My rekindled love for video games did result in me getting rickets.I also celebrated my first Twitterversary and cautiously welcomed the i Pad.Bravo launched in 1985, predating even Sky by about four years.The channel was very different to the Bravo we know and “love” in 2010.Fear not, for help is at hand to bridge the gap between the Christmas puddings and the In the early hours of New Year’s Day, the plug will be pulled on Bravo, a TV channel deemed surplus to requirements in the new bountiful Sky-dominated future.These days, channels come and go with regularity (did anyone shed a tear or even notice when UKTV Bright Ideas disappeared?

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My last visit was during the summer, and while the weather wasn’t brilliant, it didn’t preclude us getting around, seeing the sights and having a good time.

At 11pm, with the weather worsening and rumours spreading about serious disruption on the railways, I decided to head for the station and get home.

Central station was in a scene of chaos: the departure board listing a lot of obviously fictitious trains (one train shown as “Expected ” despite it being by now).

However, at £24.50 for a Super Off Peak Return from Liverpool South Parkway to London Terminals, it is much cheaper.

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Despite a delay on the train from Liverpool, our connection at Stafford was held and I was delivered to Euston on time.I strongly recommend you do too — and if you do, please confirm to me that this blog post is accurate, because I had a couple of drinks after work last night, and am therefore not 100% sure that what I saw on screen actually happened.

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