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02-Dec-2017 11:47

Sometimes when we crossed in the narrow dark lobby he would press his crotch against my crotch or bums as if by accident or pat my butt and slide his hand around my waist and tummy to show friendliness. I had no previous experience in gay sex but had read some books and had seen photos.

These excited me a lot but I never had the courage to try anything.

Even though the situation was very stressful, his hot breath against my ears and cheek was very exciting, and I inadvertently pushed back my bums into his crotch while saying that soon I would find someway to make some payment at least.

He firmly thrust his crotch into my butt pushing me against the wall and said he was also trying to think of a way to take some payment and reduce this tension.

One day while crossing each other in the narrow lobby I turned sideways and away from him so that he could pass.

He stopped behind me slowly pushed his crotch into my butt and brought his lips near my ears and whispered when are you going to pay me chikoo.

I would frequently fantasize about being taken by a man in a lonely beach or in a hotel room and enjoyed it a lot.

Everything was normal till I lost my part time job and I had no money to pay for my rent as I was able to barely meet the needs for my studies.

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I was preparing snacks in the kitchen and the landlord was in his room watching an adult movie and he turned the volume so that I could clearly hear the sounds.

After a little while he switched off the TV and came into the kitchen.

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