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18-Sep-2017 18:35

Sadly and way too late after being conned out of thousands of dollars they realize what absolute fools that they were.

I have previously posted an article which addressed scam online dating services.

Finally, the FBI made two suggestions that I have stated numerous times myself in various articles on this website. Do not send money to to do with your personal banking information to someone who you do not know.

Really the above two statements should involve basic common sense.

“Fred” proposed marriage, (which she quickly accepted) but also hinted at money problems that he was having.

Would she be willing to help him out first and then afterward they could get hitched?

The authorities note that young people are conned online at these dating sites with the lure of seeing good looking young men or women and based solely on posted photos.

Along with other devious schemes since 2013 worldwide, innocent people believing that they had “fallen in love” online have instead been victimized to the tune of 2.3 billion dollars in various scams! Really it’s better off that these people – “suckers” as viewed by the miscreants who pulled off their stunts, had chosen not to go about trying to acquire a boyfriend/girlfriend, husband or wife!

What is so sad is reading the stories of some of the victims as stated in the article. An 83-year-old woman met a man online named “Fred”. ) All joking aside this is really a pathetic story as I continue: Apparently “Fred” sweet-talked this naïve woman online to the point where she believed he was the man of her dreams.

She then handed the entire amount over to “Fred” in this wire transfer without question.

Of course, it was all a hoax and not only did this gullible woman never hear from “Fred” again after the money had been transferred.Sorry for the less tactful approach but it goes something like this and addressed to those people who have been victimized: Seriously what the heck is wrong with you? You should not trust person who you just happen to meet online. Yes, according to the E-Harmony website they have 17 different checkpoints to assure that a person you meet would be compatible for you. Of course, there are also members who will resort to even bigger lies to impress.

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